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Most nutrition books, celebrity meal plans, and weight loss challenges are nothing more than a list of “bad foods.” If you want to see what real, healthy, and sustainable nutrition should look like, sign up for my FREE Physique Transformation Course.

I’ll teach you exactly how food actually works in your body, how to design your own nutrition plan with zero food restrictions, and how to make fat loss as easy as possible. You can enjoy foods you love, because what’s the point of life if you can’t enjoy pizza and bourbon every now and then.

You can take this free course and finally learn how to eat for life, or you can keep wasting your money on detox pills and weight loss challenges. The choice is yours. 


Hey, I’m Matt.


I’m an author, freelance writer, and online coach currently based out of San Diego, CA. I’m on a quest to provide the best science-based nutrition and fitness information on the planet, without boring you to death along the way.

When I’m not writing or coaching clients, you can find me collecting tattoos, reading a book, hanging out with my dog, or falling down a YouTube rabbit hole.


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The Everything Guide to Macronutrients is the perfect introduction to flexible dieting. 

Learn what macros are, how they work, how to calculate and adjust your own macros. Plus, you’ll get 150+ recipes with full macro calculations to try, so you never have to follow a boring meal plan again. 


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If you’re looking for the best private online coaching service in the industry, look no further.

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New workouts each month, community support, and cheaper than most gyms.

My new monthly online training program is now accepting founding members.

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In addition to coaching, I offer content creation, ghost writing, and copywriting services. 

If you want to create some written magic together, let’s chat. 


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